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Foreign Language Training Consultant

Mediterranean Linguistic Services

Arab Woman

Language Training Program

EARN 3/3+/4  on DLPT

My goal is to help meet the linguistic needs of individuals and businesses across the United States.  I’ve taken on a variety of small and large-scale projects, always exceeding my clients’ expectations. Take a look at our services below:


DLPT Study Guide Resources

March 2020

The collection of DLPT Study Guides are designed to fit both Intermediate & Advance learners. We have several languages and dialects to choose from. Student who used these products passed  DLPT V. many improved their scores to levels they have never imagined.  We don't just help them pass the test but build full authentic linguistic comprehension.   

The Study Guide is for Students use only and not intended to be resold by a 3rd party and it is not for reproduction and reuse as it is protected by copyright laws.

For orders to UK & Australia email us.


One-On-One Sessions

DLPT Language Training

Initial  Language Acquisition  & Sustainment for 
Small Groups         
Virtual Training or F2F

April 2016-Present

In the consulting & training industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions from 10 hours to 200 hours refresher courses. For this project, I helped my client define the ideal outcome for the situation and language, and through strategic planning we were able to achieve a great end result. Matching students with their language instructors and providing right environment helped our students to earn 3/3+ on their DLPT.


Role Players

Varity of Training Scenarios

Language Role Player will provide instruction and mentoring in support of a Full Mission Profile (FMP) scenario for a Realistic Military Training (RMT) environment. The Role Player will serve in a training scenario for various theaters and US Combatant Commands as well as any branch of the US Armed Services as personnel in both urban and rural environments.

As a professional Military Exercise Training Consultant, we believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. Contact MLS LLC today for an initial consultation, and find out more about how we can tailor our services to your needs.

From tackling hiring decisions to reaching important milestones, MLS LLC mission is to provide props, uniforms, and professionals to fit any exercise scenario.

"I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure clients are fully satisfied with my work" JY.

Past and Present Clients

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