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MSA Listening Study Guide Book 3 Advance I

MSA Listening Study Guide Book 3 Advance I

SKU: SG3L003

DLTP Listening MSA Book 3 Advance I.

This book is designed for Language sustainment students who have earned between 1+/2  in their last DLPT.  It has 200 English Multiple-choice questions with 100+ ARABIC MSA authentic material focusing on the following Topics are:
1. Culture & Society 
2. Defense & Security 
3. Economics & Politics 
4. Geography & Ecology 
5. Science & Technology


This book contain 440 multiple choice questions. It comes with a CD for Audio files. This book focus on DLPT topics and is developed to help students pass the Arabic listening DLPT exam to help students advance from 1+/2 to 2+/3. The book comes with Answer Key.  




    Students who ordered this book scored 2+/3 in DLPT V exams


    MLS does not provide any return or refund on its books products.


    MLS Ships this product in 24 hours after payment is recieved.

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