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How to get more neurons as you age?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

We all want to be smarter and live up to our full potential, and we have been giving a number of ways to achieve that goal. As children we are taught to study mathematics and sciences and be committed to excellence, to achieve high marks which directly impact your confidence and self worth; but I was not told that learning a language gives me a heather brain. An obvious benefit of learning a 2nd Language or even a 3rd allow us to identify ourselves as unique and in the same time connect with larger population. But there is a benefit that is not obvious: According to a 2018 study conducted by Psycholinguist Mark Antoniou Western Sydney University "bilingual experience makes gray matter denser, so you have more cells. This is an indication of a healthier brain".

So learning in general is great but when it directly impact your health it is even better motivator. He added that "Bilingualism also affects white matter, a fatty substance that covers axons, which are the main projections coming out from neurons to connect them to other neurons. White matter allows messages to travel fast and efficiently across networks of nerves and to the brain. Bilingualism promotes the integrity of white matter as you age. It gives you more neurons to play with, and it strengthens or maintains the connections between them so that communication can happen optimally".

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